Out of Nowhere is a collaborative exhibition that explores the issue of roadkill and the loss of wildlife found on Tasmanian roads. Each of the three rooms have been given a title; impact, transformation and resolution, and the artists were allocated a room for creative exploration and interpretation.

The impact room mirrors the experience of driving on Tasmanian roads, where every 3kms there is an animal fatality. A statistic that makes this island the roadkill capital of the world.



The transformation room explores ways to honour the loss of life due to human impact. This intuitive response is the result of a creative process that is both ritualistic and cathartic in nature. Where animal bones, skulls, hides and feathers are used to create artworks that honour the spirit of the animal.




This room invites the audience to contemplate the life/death/life cycle, land and title ownership, fences, roads, and personal responsibility. So native animals can graze freely as they have done so for thousands of years.


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Venue: Cradle Mountain Wilderness Gallery

Dates: 01.10.2017 - 05.02.2018


Address: 3718 Cradle Mountain Rd,

Cradle Mountain TAS 7306

Opening Hours: 9am - 5pm Daily


Phone: (03) 6492 1404 


Curator: Kylie Eastley



Impact Room: Jerome Dobinson

Transformation Room: Natasha Milenovic

Resolution Room: Amanda Kay

Sponsors + Support:


Rockit Ashpalting

Jeremy Claus Boat Building

Eagle Plastics

Think Big Printing


Special Thanks To:


Suzi Manigian

Zoe Magnus

Judith-Anne Jackson

Kate Jackson

Gerald Schnitzhofter

Scott Graham

Jessica Coughlan

Tim Allison

Tim de Carvalho

Tim Wells

Ayelet Anush

Out of Nowhere

A Conversation with Suzi Manigian Animal Rescuer

Duration:  1:05:02

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